"Under these peculiar monikers hide percusssionist (and yeller) " " [sic] Goldie and Mattin, working intently in a "Borbetomagus meets Morphogenesis" nihilist sonic assault through an array of instruments including percussion, guitar, chains, bird whistle plus electricity and feedback. This is one of those records belonging to the love/hate category, as Goldie literally rapes drums with devastating rage while Mattin provides most of the scorching-burning-piercing-corrosive materials, destroying any notion of conventional guitar playing while leaving ground noises and feedback to dictate their own law. All tracks are a no-overdub collage from live improvisations and the audience response - when audible - is pretty enthusiastic. Amidst a bliss of distortion and furious acrimony, sometimes a silent or more tranquil fraction appears unexpected, reinforcing the shocking power of the duo's eruptions. Like it or not - I did - there's no question that these guys are for real." (Touching Extremes)
in stock | ES| 2004| W.M.O/R | 13.90

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