DEK - 1981-87 VOL. 1 (LP)

a never released early project from Vincent Epplay and the Dekeyser brothers "The story of DEK begins at the very beginning of the 80s in a small village in Provence where two brothers decide to make music together. They are quickly joined by a third acolyte met in an art school. Together they develop a field of experimentation, a space of creation where music and drawing mingle. Different collaborators join the adventure, thus expanding the musical universe. The recording on tape recorder of what happens then gives rise to the edition in limited edition of audio cassettes intended for their friends. DEK becomes a kind of production micro-cell which, under cover of anonymity (influenced by the fabulous San Francisco band The Residents), reveals his first musical snapshots, or sound polaroids, by burning them onto magnetic tape." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2023| JELODANTI RECORDS | 25.90

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