Released by the two composers and conductors Anders Lauge Meldgaard (Frisk Frugt, Kirsten Ketsjer) and Michael Mørkholt (Jab Micah Och El, Solhorn) "The idea behind this release is that the grand orchestra, consisting of 30 musicians, has been ripped apart to bits and pieces in the recording studio and all the musicians have been recorded separately and in small groups. The records contain 400 pieces of music, cut onto the vinyl as parallel tracks, locked grooves, sound snippets etc. All the pieces have a master scale and tempo, and can be put together. The composition used to make these recordings was a simple graphical time pattern score made up of 8 x 8 squares - the score is the poster included in this box. This release leaves it up to the individual listener to compose with these records, and create his or her own assembled version of the pattern music. Along with this release comes the website where participants can upload their own versions of assembled pattern music and listen to other peoples versions. The DVD in this box holds a digital version of the sounds and features some bonus material." (label info)
in stock | DK| 2009| LILLE KOMMUNE | 39.90

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