"In ZDB is the recording of the Norberto Lobo, Giovanni Di Domenico and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto gig that took place on november 14th at Galeria Ze dos Bois (one of our prefered venues in Europe) in Lisbon. Three relatively young players with phenomenal technical skills and strong musical background, Lobo, Di Domenico and Yamamoto are mainly demonstrative in their playing. Even though the 37 minutes are improvised, there is a great coherence between all tracks. The way is quite linear but there are lot of things to explore that keep great discoveries. From minimalistic approach, to noisy part and ending with a groovy mood, the trio shows a great symbiosis and seems to enjoy playing together. Get used to collaborate with player with great reputation, they are here without leader and a great feeling of freedom and even delight can be appreciated." (label info) comes with download code
in stock | CH| 2015| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 16.90

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