Die Teezeremoie are responsible for the second MLP on New Amerika after last year's "Persona non grata" and, again, the two sidelong track tend in different musical directions. (Nett) is actually an ambient record. Beautiful acoustic guitar ornaments in the vein of John Fahey or Grubbs are accompanied by both metallic and organic drones recalling Birchville Cat Motel's work, while Jonathan Meese is reflecting veeery slowly about a wonderul, last cup of tea. Side B is the disturbing counterpart with the ambient layers getting wilder and wilder and Meese showing his Sound-poetry talent - but finally the Blues guitar and the melodica join the scene for a happy ending. Again, a great record. Limited edition of 500 copies, on green vinyl.
in stock | DE| 2006| NEW AMERIKA | 29.90

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