sold out at source, few copies left "Right on time for its 30th anniversary, "Herzschlag Erde", cassette debut album of Die Welttraumforscher, is being re-released in a collaborative effort between the labels PLANAM and A Tree In A Field. The new, limited vinyl edition includes a large-format, 20-page booklet as well as the previously unreleased follow-up album, "Verdunkelt die Sinne". Die Welttraumforscher is one of Switzerland's most enigmatic musical projects, with a catalog that not only spans more than 30 albums, but also films, stories and countless illustrations. The man behind this phantom band is only mentioned in the small print: "Lyrics, music and illustrations by Christian Pfluger for Die Welttraumforscher". Not unlike musical kindred spirits The Residents, Pfluger remains in the shadows, creating a mystique. This veil of mystery, the borderline-esoteric mysticism, plus the fact that the lyrics are almost exclusively in German, might explain to some degree why Die Welttraumforscher have always led a niche existence. Among musicians, however, they have already gained cult status. Mouse on Mars, Neoangin, and Harald «Sack» Ziegler are just a few known admirers. Edition limited to 350 copies including a large booklet with sinister photos, surreal drawings and lyrics in German and English." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| PLANAM | 22.90

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