"Dieter Moebius' tracks are really and truly linearly constructed. Therefore it hardly matters how tightly packed the events within one of his tracks may be. And the level of tightly packed events on "Ding" is very high indeed. The first track, "Walksol", already surprises us with rhythms moving in opposite directions of one another and beats which are both shuffling and forceful. Arabesque elements blow in, going at it, rough and rumbling. On the whole, "Ding" is surprisingly gripping and direct compared to the friendly miniatures of its predecessor, "Kram". Moebius, the krautrock pioneer, has rediscovered dirt and patina for himself. Shuffled grooves and spooky sounds. There's "Flink", with its nervous pulse. Or the beat-free "Alfred", with the sound of a sonar. The collage-like "Zufall" or "Bone", with its cold EBM sounds. Abstract electronica on "Fou" and "Ruston&Monotron". One event follows another. This absence of escalations, this stoicism, make up the clarity and hypnotic power of Moebius' music. Beat by beat, this music strives for endlessness. It drags us into each track and unfolds its magic from the very first moment on. Dieter Mobeius has been making music for more than forty years. His status as a pioneer is indisputable." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| KLANGBAD | 12.90

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