"Those familiar with Amsterdam-based artist Raymond Dijkstra know how charming and mysterious his works are: mostly released on his own Le Souffleur imprint, they come in very limited runs, beautiful packaging with a very distinct style, like they're from an ancient, albeit unknown century. That same elegant-timeless feel is of course reflected in his music, an extremely personal work usually around the accordion, but also unknown electronics (tapes, echoes?), voice; the feeling is always that of some kind of privilege, to enter the artist's private room, filled with the smell of opium, crusty wallpaper and taxidermy. Here, Dijkstra is together with violin extraordinaire Matthias Boss from Switzerland, a truly outstanding player mostly known in the European improv scene, who also collaborates with drummer master Marcello Magliocchi. "Ins Kahle Zimmer Sinken Blaue Firne" is a fantastic "chamber" recording from these two masters of the screeching acoustic metal-on-metal. The title evokes the image of an exposed room with compact snow flakes falling in. Violin, organ, fork & spoon are the credited instruments here, blowing ice cold gusts into your room, or face hopefully. Imagine some sort of twisted classical music from a distant century, a gift of pure improv given to us by Dijkstra's inimitable accordion style and Boss' dramatic violin, this music has no time, only beauty. 33rpm 7", comes in a silkscreened reverse cardboard cover. Edition of 100." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2013| ULTRAMARINE | 12.90

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