DIN-ST - YAMU D'DIN (2LP - USED vg+/vg+)

"Din-St [Dynasty, aka DIN, aka DJ Maxximus, aka Fever, aka F. Stader] tips club culture over like a four-hundred-pound speaker cabinet, slicing party sounds into wild-style minimal/broken rave/bounce mash-ups. As Senator Joseph Biden's Rave Act receives Congressional approval, the party moves abroad, reborn under a Berlin overpass, sexy, broken, funky and punk. Empty factories are slathered in booty rave shellac, and before it cakes onto aluminum sheeting, it's set on fire. Hip-hop steez work on P.L.U.R. sentiment under PA/laptop/turntable configurations. They call it 'possible sound' and 'fresh-techno': raw, deep trax mounted on cinder blocks and run in neutral until it smokes and cracks. Technoid squibbles underneath while freyed chords sizzle from the vocal stabs running down gutters of noise and panic. Stone-like synth shakes the screws out your speakers. A garbled MC drowns in the mix. The party is out of control. Something has happened. Something has broken." SPECIAL OFFER
in stock | US| 2004| vg+/vg+| SCHEMATIC | 8.00

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