"Dion Workman (of Sigma Editions) produces a confounding piece -- terrifyingly intrusive yet completely subtle, deep with texture and layer although monochromatic in character. Ching is a complex work of grey shadows and glaring light, an exemplar of aggressive digital minimalism. Its harsh textures coexist with the open-ended pulsation of extended tones and overtones, playing with the listener's tolerance. What sets Ching apart from simple noise is Workman's attention to minute detail, as well as the piece's mesmerizing structure. This short (20 minutes 37 seconds) and exhilarating work builds with calculated motion, suddenly bursting into silence, only to reconfigure itself, similar but different, in a quiet dance of amassing sonic shards." (label info)
in stock | US| 2003| ANTIOPIC | 10.90

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