"dirac refer to their output as 21st century chamber music. they use laptops in combination with various acoustic instruments, building up drone layers in their unique and precise manner with a focus on timbre, resonance and vibration. they create records based on the principle of direct recording: realtime composition, which the group mixes and edits afterwards, eventually adding some overdubs. their recordings are usually done over a longer period of time, within which dirac dedicate themselves solely to creating music and concentrated listening. phon, the group's third studio record, following their first self-titled album (ucover, 2007) and "emphasis" (spekk, 2009), consists only of one track, an uncut first take recording - 'performance time' and 'listening time' are equal to each other. the whole production was done by dirac themselves, from mixing to mastering to layouting. the postproduction, the additional brass-arrangement and the field-recording at the end of the track lift this record up to an astonishing monument of dirac's music and sound." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2010| VALEOT RECORDS | 13.90

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