"Dancing Wayang record label is based a short distance from the Honest Jon's 'hood, in Eastcote Studios. Sessions for the label are released in a limited run of 500 LP copies packaged in hand screenprinted sleeves. The second and latest release, Directing Hand's What Put The Blood, blends free jazz with chilling folk. With drums, harp and wordless vocals and interpretations of traditional English folk songs. The band is Lavinia Blackwall on vocals and Alex Neilson on drums. Alex has worked with Richard Youngs (who features on the Honest Jon's album Migrating Bird), Bonnie Prince Billy and Baby Dee. Lavinia is a classically-trained singer in early music and is a member of The Pendulums. This is her debut with Directing Hand." (label info) back in stock
in stock | UK| 2008| DANCING WAYANG | 19.90

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