"Cosmic library dub album by disrupt on the new Zonedog imprint, soaked in swirling synths, mind-altering loops and lushly textured polygons. "The Recreation Room" follows up on the old SciFi idea of The Holodeck, a computer generated reality where space ship crews can get a break from the daily grind - a place where your mind can travel while your arse stays firmly on the couch. Disrupt is taking a closer look at the mechanics behind it, then messes with its deeper controls to optimize the simulation for an intense horizontal experience. The VR-ready sequel to "Omega Station" (2018 on Jahtari) is a dubbed out piece of Sonic Fiction with a washed out nineties digitality, as seen through layers of tape all the way back to Black Ark - music from a future that already happened." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2019| ZONEDOG | 17.90

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