"With 'Weaves' Distant Animals further explores his study of text as a method of scoring for the modular synthesiser. Continuing a trilogy that began with 2018's 'Lines', Distant Animals new work 'Weaves' is the artists second album for Hallow Ground, and marks a movement away from the formers 'pure' drone to a more rhythmic form of timbral composition. Inspired by the writing of anthropologist Tim Ingold, the work is orientated by a single atonal rhythmic sequence transposed across several voices, blending crashing bells, strums, and blocks with waves of swelling granular synthesis, until eventually descending into a wash of cavernous field-recordings. Completing the 'A Process of a Line-making' trilogy, the album is accompanied by a third instalment, 'Threads'. Available exclusively as a limited run cassette, 'Threads' further incorporates the social into the compositional narrative. Like 'Lines' and 'Weaves', it is based upon the modular synthesiser, but here frames it with field-recordings, harmonium, feedback, and percussion, each voice reflecting different aspects of modern communal life. Drawing upon drum machines and plundered folk songs, alongside recordings of the composers scored walks across the beaches of Southern England, 'Threads' concludes its trilogy in a playful, yet haunting fashion that seeks to sonify the socio-political research upon which it is based." (label info) numbered edition of 55 copies, with download code. Accompanied by the "Threads" tape which comes with the first 20 copies only
in stock | CH| 2019| HALLOW GROUND | 39.90

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