"Nicolas Baudoux aka DJ ELEPHANT POWER is the one responsible for the "Scratch" in "Scratch Pet Land": While being an extremely nimble turntablist, he's also the personified antithesis of what one would normally call a perfectionist. DJ Elephant Power's debut has a lot in common with the music of Scratch Pet Land. But one could also mistake it for the lost Zappa-album "Jazz From The Dangerous Kitchen". The percussion, which at times seems to have more in common with a domestic accident than with beats, is cushioned by a surprisingly jazzy Rhodes-piano and obliquely filtered moog-sequences. This music is laid back and artful but never silly. In spite of its intelligent trickiness, this music is immune to artificial seriousness. NO SI, NI SO is krautrock-y and funky - the only difference being, that its Kraut and Funk seem to be played mainly on kitchenware and samplers." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| SONIG | 6.90

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