""SCRATCH THE HULU" is imbued with the absurd humour which has become one of the main stylistic devices of this posse. All the tracks on the album are complete and finished, yet it seems as if Baudoux wants them to retain a sketch-like quality. "SCRATCH THE HULU" is a treasure trove full of jolty drum patterns, pumping distorted basses, strangely clanging string instruments and signal horns (the kind you find on children's' bicycles). Nothing is in its place, yet everything fits. DJ Elephant Power creates grooves from tinny sounding hiphop samples, he coaxes grime from the sound of electric guitars and from whistles and scratches he produces Hulu. "SCRATCH THE HULU" is club music which does not belong in any club. Judged from the point of view of a conventional DJ, this music is simply a dancefloor sabotage. But take my word - as soon as you hear DJ Elephant Power, he will make you want to move." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| SONIG | 12.90

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