"Describing Marcelle to someone unfamiliar with her work is hard. Refusing to be imprisoned by genres, only a fragment of Marcelle's universe can be understood through each individual performance. Her music is not about individual styles, but rather about finding a common denominator that links the multiple elements of her world: soul, artistic quality, mood, and a sense of roots. She charmingly casts spells over her heterogeneous audience with an energy they compulsively latch on to and through a dialogue they can't resist. Titled "Aha", one of the three mixes on her new release relates to this power of persuasion. "Aha!" was once written on a note thrown to her from the audience during one of her sets. Apparently it took some time for someone to understand her performance. Initially confused, people slowly began to mentally and physically resonate with her sound. All question marks were erased. New in Marcelle's fourth instalment of this double album series with similarly designed sleeves, is side four. It contains individual tracks: collaborations with other artists and projects such as Fodderstompf (a collaboration between Marcelle and Cologne-based percusionist Holger Mertin), Quiquoiou (a project that Marcelle runs together with Guido Möbius since 2013) and a track penned entirely by Marcelle herself." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2014| KLANGBAD | 18.90

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