"As one of the pioneers of 'sleep' parties in the low level apartment blocks and converted industrial lots in Brooklyn during the early nineties, DJ Olive's latest long player collects together his experiments in ambient sound spaces. It's a celebration of filtered texture, hidden melody and gentle turntable flickers. Like Buoy his debut solo record for ROOM40, Sleep is delivered with a simple message 'please listen to this quietly, it's a sleeping pill' and while its aim might be to induce unconsciousness, this mission is completed more through a diligent understanding of the possibilities of ambient sound than through repetition or minimalist approaches. A refined and emotive composition, Sleep shifts through a variety of phases, reflecting in some ways on the nature of our sleep patterns. As each section unfolds, DJ Olive reveals his characteristic sensibility for spatial mixes and in the process generates some of the most remarkable and refined post-ambient music to be created in the 20th century. Free floating audio clouds paint a subtle portrait of dimly lit late night spaces, faded whispers, close bodies huddled and in the corner DJ Olive's echoed lullabies colouring the audiosphere." (label info)
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in stock | AUS| 2006| ROOM40 | 13.55

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