"Eugene Carchesio's renown as a visual artist has unjustly eclipsed his extraordinary output as a soundmaker. Since the mid 80s, the Brisbane artist has steadfastly proliferated a sack full of barely released cassettes and cdrs under the D.N.E. moniker. Twenty years ago, he emptied his wallet to press 250 copies of the appropriately titled LP "47 Songs Humans Shouldn't Sing". To a small legion, 47 Songs became a coveted item, its whacked miniaturism a visionary jolt of intuitive post punk energy. A suggestion of Ayler, a Chadbournesque styling, a No Wave propulsion. This was not a jazz album! These were 47 small constructions. Sound diamonds. Songs. Not for human tongue, yet instantly humable. Acoustic, yet coursing with electricity. Currents of energy running through its veins. D.N.E. Spiritual genetics. Recorded in a frenzied three days on four tracks of cassette. This 20th anniversary reissue has been faithfully remastered from the vinyl, finally restoring this lost Australian classic. Out of the vault, onto disc, the sparks still flying!" (Leighton Craig)
in stock | AU| 2008| ROOM40 | 13.90

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