""Early Works, Later Versions," a limited 12" record and digital download EP of new, updated remixes and variations on last year's "Early Works for Me." album by several of Jimmy's current peers and modern contemporaries. Running through some of the artists on hand for this task, To Rococo Rot's Robert Lippok (Mute Records, Monika, Raster-Noton) has clearly done this sort of thing before, and starts off by updating "Serious" into a twinkling and blippy rendering of the original, in many ways reminiscent of his "Falling Into Komeit" remix album several years ago. A new version by Chessie (Plug Research, Drop Beat) drops in indie guitar progressions to recall a lightweight take on electro, and Somatic Responses (Leaf Label, Hymen Records) drenches "Tybalt 60" with gritty and thunderous stabs of broken percussion. Finally, newcomer Thaddeus Valk uses an arpeggiated synth intro to rework." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| PHTHALO | 8.90

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