"Sonig is proud to present the debut album of dogr, a young, New-York-based American artist who is skilled with instrumental expertise, artistic conceptualism, and an unworldly vocal virtuosity. The production of Mouse on Mars' Andi Toma adds an analogue thrill to the spiraling epic record that is In Korean Wilds and Villages. David Michael DiGregorio is dogr. He started in coastal New England with a piano teacher who gave him lots of Bach to play. At a young age he created harmonies using a a four-track mini-cassette tape recorder, his voice, and a old Roland JX-8P with programmer. Growing older, he moved on to 16-mm experimental filmmaking and electro-acoustic composition, using a Bolex camera and a Serge modular synthesizer. Many of the pieces comprising In Korean Wilds and Villages come from the in the room series of musical/visual/theatrical storytelling performances, conceived by artist Sung Hwan Kim. The collaboration resulted in music featuring the sound of many voices made by one. Many of the instruments used on the album are also instruments and props used in the performances." (label info) Comes with 12 pp. booklet.
in stock | DE| 2009| SONIG | 12.90

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