"Last year, a London resident artist Dom Mino' made his vivid debut. Now, his second album is finally here after 2 years of waiting! Akira Kosemura participated as executive producer and Paniyolo also joined as a guest for this astonishing piece. The album starts with "Liquid Architecture" which was awaited to be put in the album after Dom Mino' played in Japan tour last year. Continuing track "Cartaforbicesasso" he directed the groove with contrabass by himself. The third track "Good Bye, Summer Rain - U.C edit" is actually a new album edit version of Akira Kosemura's "Good Bye, Summer Rain" which will be put in his 7". In "Tilo" Dom Mino' shows fantastic collaboration with Argentinean sound artist Federico Durand. In the grand finale, Dom Mino' put his signature electro beats and contrabass over Kosemura's piano. This final track "Unknown Coordinates" could be the masterpiece which would make all of us imagines an unfulfilled future. The album "Unknown Coordinates" is an invitation for imaginary journey with multinational guest artists. Only the music could write coordinates in the map." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2009| SCHOLE RECORDS | 13.90

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