special offer "Dominique Grimaud is a hidden treasure of France's psych, free rock, electronic & jazz improv scenes. As a founding member of the legendary psych/Krautrock inspired French act Camizole (1970-1978) to his equally celebrated no wave/new wave duo Video-Aventures (1978-) whose groundbreaking music has been viewed as a precursor to the sound of Stereolab, and in more recent times, jawdropping audio visual performance installations & live performances with celebrated performer Colleen, Grimaud has spent his entire life exploring the musical fringes of the French underground. With Les Quatre Directions, Grimaud re-emerges with his first release in nearly a decade and it's a whirlwind, mind-altering, long-form microgroove composition of grand proportions that hearkens back to the expanded audio visioneering & spiritualism of '60s electronic music luminaries from Stockhausen to Ramon Sender." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| vg+/vg+| LOCUST | 7.90

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