special offer "This CD recorded in New Zealand in 2004, is the duo recording of New Zealand guitarist DONALD McPHERSON and Japanese guitarist TETUZI AKIYAMA. A beautiful meeting of 2 virtuoso acoustic guitarists, both thoroughly schooled in the vast world of improvising. Donald McPherson, a native New Zealander has been playing the guitar since the tender age of 12, he studied at the Otago Art School in the '80s. In the '90s he released a number of extremely limited lathe-cut folk records. This record finds Tetuzi and Donald playing melodic folk improvisations that grow and morph into compositions that on each listening uncover some new layer of beauty. Both playing on acoustic guitar, they have a level of communication and understanding of each others playing, that allows a musical connection to grow and blossom into a full-length recording of delicate melodic mayhem." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2006| BO' WEAVIL | 9.90

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