"The brilliant releases from Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller aka Rudolf Klorzeiger aka Der Zyklus (aka 1/2 of Drexciya etc.). Originally released on the obscure Dataphysix records from Detroit in 1995. And now available again on Clone Classic Cuts. The three 12"s bundled together on one double album/CD as Gesamtkunstwerk (previously limited available on Gigolo records). Including amazing tracks like Scientist, Pornoactress, Sterilization, Rocket scientist, Cellularphone and Speak and Spell. This is one of those releases which completely went against all musical trends in the mid-nineties when everybody was doing banging techno and uptempo house. Dopplereffekt (and Drexciya) brought us one of those releases which changed our thoughts on dance music. They showed us that techno music is not about the most effective banging beats. These Dataphysix releases started the electro revival of the late '90's early 2000 and influenced many producers including Daftpu nk, Dj Hell, Miss Kittin, I-f, Dave Clarke, Erol Alkan, 2manyDjs's and many others. This is some kind our Computerworld or Autobahn for the 90's generation! And finally available again after being out of print for a couple of years." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | NL| 2007| CLONE CLASSIC CUTS | 21.90

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