available again, better price "Douglas Lilburn (1915-2001) is considered 'the father of New Zealand music'. After considerable success, he rejected composing for acoustic musical instruments and turned wholly to the creation of electronic works because he felt they would more accurately portray New Zealand in its own right, without reference to European musical forms. Some works are purely electronic; others were inspired by the natural sounds of the sea or bush, or the writings of leading New Zealand writers such as Allen Curnow, Denis Glover and Alistair Campbell. The works, dating from 1963-1975, have been restored to a high sonic standard for digital release at Atoll's Auckland facility. The set includes a DVD containing two 4-channel works by Lilburn, with all extant film material of the composer, plus an informative sound interview and photographs." (Bruce Russell in The Wire)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2004| ATOLL | 39.90

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