"Dropp broods. The Adam Sonderberg/Salvatore Dellaria-centered ensemble, here augmented with thirteen other musicians (full personnel listed here on four cuts with group sizes of three, six, eight and eight, tends toward dense, dark continuos containing layer upon layer of rich sound and they do that in spades here. Assembled by the pair from, I'm guessing, any number of performances, they manage to construct absolutely cohesive, convincing works; the four tracks totaling only a bit over a 1/2 hour feel like movements in a mini-symphony. The inclusion of instruments like bass clarinet and organ, which often hold long tones, is very moving, recalling some Gavin Bryars pieces from back in his prime. Really benefits from being played loud, exposing all the booming undercurrents; one of the fine points here, as in much of their work, is the sonic balance between the throbbing and the pointillistic or gritty. An excellent release, get it." (Brian Olewnick) Olivia Block: trumpet, Steven Hess: percussion, Jason Kahn: analogue synth, Ilja Komarov: electric bass, Tomas Korber: treatment, Brian Labycz: computer, Eric Lanzillotta: moog, Joseph Mills: electronics and devices, Jon Mueller: percussion and cassettes, Jason Soliday: open circuits, Jason Stein: bass clarinet, Brendan Walls: electronics, Christian Weber: contrabass.
in stock | US| 2009| EITHER/OAR | 11.90

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