"Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit, who died earlier this year played on over 200 releases but strangely the group that he worked the closest with for over 35 years have only ever released a handful of tracks. Jaki developed a profound and all-encompassing systematic approach to rhythm largely through daily experimentation with Drums Off Chaos. Though his system is derived from studies of music from all over the world, the result is music that transcends cultural definition and boundaries. Of the five tracks here there are flavours of African, Middle-eastern, Indian, Far-eastern and European art music, but nothing that clearly defines it as borrowing from any of them. This only comes from identifying, using and living with the principles behind the music; in contrast to just taking a snapshot of the surface - like a kid using samples provided in software to build their music. This is hand-made - including the drums themselves. Yet the rhythmic precision of, for example Antidote, or the technical control of Turn Off the Blue reach beyond the scope of the stiff programming that makes up so much of our music today. Compass is something genuinely fresh and yet utterly timeless. It stands outside of so much of the music we're accustomed to so it might take a while to sink in. But when it does your ears will never look back." (Jono Podmore)
in stock | DE| 2017| NONPLACE | 13.90

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