"DVA is a natural maverick, a one man spaceship, who on Pretty Ugly shows off an uncanny ability to create urban pop and dance that's full of rich musicality and unusual textures and ideas. He's a producer that has come through Grime and then uk funky but he's always pulled the blueprints out of shape, messing with different time signatures and syncopations, unusual speeds and strange synths, upsetting vocalists and creating music that doesn't easily slot into the format for raves. Coupled with the strange uk funky inflected house and techno of Reach the Sun, Polyphonic Dreams and Bare Fuzz, the lush broken beat of The Big Five and the instrumental grime fanfare climax of Where I Belong, Scratcha DVA has come up with probably the finest match between album title and music in the history of the universe. Pretty Ugly is what it is - sweet and sour, blaring and lush, rough and smooth. We think Scratcha DVA is a genius. You probably should too." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2010| HYPERDUB | 14.00

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