"Here is one of the most anticipated head-scratching meeting-of-the (insane) minds recordings ever rumored to have existed: the blabber-gunk vocalistix of Chocolate Monk honcho and musical zone/zap improv outsider and founder of Decaer Pinga (née Prick Decay) Dylan Nyoukis and the high-energy, consistently startled and startling voicebox-tongue shredder, Jaap Blonk. Nyoukis from the UK and Blonk from The Netherlands bash heads and gums together to splat out a relentless and rapacious slew of ululation and indescribable utterance. If vocal duo improv of the most bizarre order is yr meat, then pull a stool up to this table and get a snoot full o' what-the-fuck. Wicked weirdness." (label info) LP only, limited to 400 copies.
in stock | US| 2008| ECSTATIC PEACE | 15.90

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