"Echo Ho re-invented the oldest traditional Chinese string instrument Gu Qin and developed it into a Slow Qin. She extended its functions for sensory field recording in urban space and enabled it to become a wireless interface for controlling self-built music software. The Vinyl release 'still noise' invites listeners to walk through a sound labyrinth which spans over time and regions and weaving a tapestry of ancient Chinese tunes, urban traffic Odyssey and computer generated electronic folk songs. On side A; Wu Na on traditional Gu Qin combines her virtuosity both of traditional Gu Qin music and western influenced improvisation. Together with Echo Ho's hybrid Slow Qin she opens a contemporary fate for this music discipline that remained unchanged during the last thousand years. On side B Five musicians played an improvised concert based on the given structure of graphic notation 'what is singing' by Echo Ho." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| SLOWER COOLER OFFICE | 16.90

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