"Echodeck is a band that combines the mechanical and precise of programmed electronic music, with acoustic sounds and fragile melodies. The band's music can be described as the sound of a not yet created David Lynch movie. Here, as in Lynch's cinematography, is the image of a nostalgic idyll always around the corner. The idyll is never available to us, we can only experience it through dreams and flashbacks. The music has also been described as shimmering soundscapes reminiscent of journeys, morning light and industrial landscapes- machines that work and dreams that raises. When Echodeck playing live, a new world consisting of music and moving images emerges. Through an intuitive dialogue between dark electronic pulses and retro-futuristic visuals, fragments and collages of keen stories are created. Echodeck has made amazing performances in Sweden, Norway, London and New York, and is now current with the album Flying Machine at the record company Kning Disk in Gothenburg. Echodeck is: Pontus Torstensson- drums, analogue synth, sampler Björn Klarström- guitar, sampler, loop sampler Sara Lännerström-visuals, costumes." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2013| KNING DISK | 14.90

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