"Ear drum piercer Brezel Göring (of Stereo Total) and thrash lout "Hotleg" have committed themselves to a reckless and impulsive mix of Dub-Psycho-Speed-New Wave, action film soundtracks and 50's Musique Concrète. For several years, these two desperados have hacked their way through the unpredictable weeping fistulas of post-industrial easy listening. In doing so they combine genre-spanning arranged marriages and acceleration of track playback speed. The music is played on children's toys and fleamarket trash. Consequently their more or less ordered noises, erratic arrangements and bizarre sequences mutate into an amorphous Gesamtkunstwerk. The declared goal of this music is to bring chaos to order. It is an official tribute to the irregular, the classic freakout. It is magnificent that such a record is released in an era that generally lacks beauty, elegance and grace." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2008| GAGARIN | 13.90

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