"Uwe Schenk: master of all musical trades, experienced live instrumentalist, movie soundtrack composer, arranger and band leader. Dragan Espenschied: home computer folk music pioneer of Bodenständig 2000 fame, expert in obsolete 8 bit technology, sound chip musician, and raver. Uwe lays down rich harmonies on his grand piano, Dragan tries to squeeze another three notes into 4 kilobytes of RAM. Uwe writes musical score for multiple instruments, Dragan cannot even read score and enjoys typing hexadecimal numbers into his Commodore VIC 20. They had to learn from each other to pull it off. The intensive re-arranging of Dragan's tunes and rehearsals with the Uwe Schenk Show Band lasted more than two weeks, for just a single 30 minute show at a tiny venue, sold out with 108 people in the audience. All minds blown, all skins goosebumped, all eyes watered. This record contains the most epic 10 minutes of this performance." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| STORAGE | 6.90

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