"Les Productions Fluorescentes is happy to announce EHOECO "L'Expérience Acousmagique", its second publication after Tonton Macoute "Mureedil". Etienne Coussirat and Emmanuel Holterbach have created six wide soundscapes made out of live electro-acoustic wizardries and field recordings, mostly conceived for live performances back in 2010 and reworked later at the Studio Fluorescent. Careful alchemists, the duo aims to reach a transmutation of sound and time matter, building large soundscapes of frequencies from many sources such as daily objects, home-made or traditional instruments, mutant electronics, machine and animal voices. Is your body getting melted in telluric vibrations? Has your clock stopped? Does time seem to get stuck or flow in reverse? This is normal, that's what the experimental music of EHOECO is about. Acousmagic music if there's one! Etienne Coussirat is a musician who builds impossible musical instruments and practices electro-acoustic improvisation. His work focuses on auditory perception and exploration of acoustic phenomena. Emmanuel Holterbach is composer of musique concrete, sound artist and plays enharmonic glasses with Orbes. He presents his kaleidoscopic sound environments, performances and concerts in Europe, Canada and China since 1992. LP record privately issued by EHOECO via their Les Productions Fluorescentes in an edition limited to 300 copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2013| LES PRODUCTIONS FLUORESC. | 18.90

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