""Bassneval" is the second longplayer by the Cologne based trio Eigelstein Royal, part of the Basspräsidium and Bambam Babylon Bajasch orbit. It's no coincidence that it was released on 11.11.11 since november 11th is the annual beginning of the carnival season in Cologne - and carnival (music) is one of the main ingredients of this album, the other ones are classic hiphop, dubstep, footwork, cumbia and other subgenres of contemporary dance music. From now on "Bassneval" is no longer just the motto of the alternative hiphop/breakcore/et al carnival parties organised by this crew, but also the title of this original, entertaining clash of styles - with lyrics mainly in Kölsch, the local dialect -, recorded with lots of guests from, well, Cologne (Def Benski/Die Firma, Microphone Mafia, Volker Zander and many more), Hamburg (Hallo Werner Clan) and Amsterdam (DJ Marcelle). Comes in limited edition of 300 copies, with silkscreened cover." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2011| BASSPRÄSIDIUM | 15.90

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