repressed "Black Truffle is pleased to announce For McCoy, a new work by Eiko Ishibashi dedicated to the widely loved character of Jack McCoy, portrayed by Sam Waterston in Law & Order. Following on from Hyakki Yagyo (BT064), For McCoy finds Ishibashi further exploring the unique space she has carved out in recent years, bringing together musique concrète techniques, ECM-inspired jazz, lush layers of synths and hints of pop into immersive and affecting structures crafted in her home studio, aided by a group of close collaborators." (label info) Eiko Ishibashi with Joe Talia, MIO.O, Daisuke Fujiwara, Jim O'Rourke, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto
in stock | AU| 2022| BLACK TRUFFLE RECORDS | 22.90

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