"Well, maybe it is a jazz record. Most parts are improvised by Paul and me by playing on the keyboards of our laptops (using strange Reaktor patches) and were recorded directly to a third computer. Sometimes we used a doublebass backing (played by Werner Dafeldecker and Achim Tang) to play on, and sometimes Kai Fagaschinski added clarinet. And, of course, we used drums played by Paul. We tried to avoid loop-strucures while playing together which is always the most difficult thing. As samples we used string instuments like oud, guitar and so on and transformed them to more organ-like sounds. And we used two Alice Coltrane samples for some tracks and a Henry Flynt sample flying around during the tracks." (E.Ehlers) At Staubgold they call it "official cd bootleg", it's limited to 300 copies.
in stock | DE| 2009| STAUBGOLD | 9.90

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