"Rebuilding Vibes" is the latest album by El Fog, the solo project of Berlin-based Japanese artist Masayoshi Fujita, whose wonderful works ranges from Dub and Jazz, to Hip Hop and Electoronica. Among other things, one can notice distinctively in this gorgeous album is Fujita's attempts to pursue the new possibilities of sounds in vibraphone. We hear mellow individual phrases with a twist of Jazz, strong impact rhythm production with intricately inlaid click noises, vibrancy of vibraphone's sounds with groovy manipulations like loop, over dub, cut and paste, self sampling, processing and so on. This album is smoky and beautifully built with gorgeous acoustic space. It is, for sure, like nothing else you've heard before. "Rebuilding Vibes" is tastefully mixed by the awesome AOKI takamasa, who also contributed the cover art for the album. Stephan Betke a.k.a. pole, mastered the album." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2009| FLAU | 12.90

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