"'Reverberate Slowly' is a smoky collection of gorgeous late-night dub miniatures from mysterious Berlin-based producer El Fog (aka Masayoshi Fujita). Sounding at times like a less academic Jan Jelinek or a hopelessly innocent Rhythm and Sound; deceptively complex click, hiss and pop rhythms are used to underpin a series of minimal elements (rhodes and vibraphone tones, sleepy acoustic guitar, samples of piano and double bass) that slowly resonate through each track, quietly pulsing and reverberating as suggested by the album's evocative title. It is this human aspect that gives 'Reverberate Slowly' its beating heart, and makes it such an appropriate release on the fast-growing the label. Unlike so many albums in the genre it has a fragile personality and many layers to uncover on each subsequent listen. 'Reverberate Slowly' is a totally seductive listening experience and like a candlelit supper with that special someone, it won't fail to draw you into its moonlit night-time mood. Album originally released our favorite label moteer, 2007. This Edition is re-mastering version with 2 rare track and bonus remix from Jan Jelinek." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2012| FLAU | 13.90

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