"For 25 years Titiyo Jah has been one of Sweden's foremost singers. Today she has together with Andreas Söderström and Johan Berthling created the band El Rojo Adios. El Rojo Adios music conjures up images from wild west landscapes with frostbitten cacti and with Titiyo Jahs way of singing the listener will be reminded of Joni Mithell and folk icon Vashti Bunyan. Crystal clear, powerful and mesmerizingly beautiful. We are confronted with an earthy, mood charged American folk music laced with a Swedish pop aesthetic. One might be tempted to derive the two influences to each musician, but its not that simple. It's clear that they are not sittning in separate rooms. This is a meeting that you can feel and hear. El Rojo Adios sincerely warm and infinitely beautiful interpretation of Dylan's It's All Over Now, Baby Blue is only the beginning. The echoes from a south-of-the-border-desert sound in both the quieter melodies and in the more outgoing Latin rhythms such as the song In Transfer. However, with an advanced and highly evocative voice-over, as in Roland Orlando, there is also an obvious experimental ambition. Anyone who tries to imagine what it would sound like if Titiyo and Laurie Anderson recorded a long suggestive Twin Peaks ballad in a church on the prairie comes close to the sacred sentiments in Waiting to Be Found." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2012| KNING DISK | 14.90

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