"This is the second full-length release from Finland's Eleanoora Rosenholm on the Fonal label. Campy synth-pop melodies, dramatic guitar riffage and simple programmed beats dance over sweet Finnish vocals. It all sounds like a score to a happily-weird Euro disco-musical, but underneath it all is this vague threat or dark fear, which may explain the band's own description of this album: "Eleanoora Rosenholm and her six orphan brothers step up on the altar hunted by an unexplainable grief and misery. The nun has been desecrated in the monastery and the school's principal mutilated in the primary school's woodshed. A Russian prisoner of war draws his last breath on a snowy potato field. The relentless fist of war strikes fire in the horizon. We will never understand why things in life turn out the way they do, for they form and grow deeper meaning despite us. Chaos has its own will and its boot does not step to the General officer's lash."" (label info)
in stock | FI| 2007| FONAL | 13.90

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