"All the way back in the summer of 2010, we released 'Whispers, Then Silence' by Elian. It was an album that was met with huge critical acclaim, but also responsible for some confused messages directed my way by (then) loyal Home Normal followers. The confusion lay in the fact that the album was so dark, moody, intense, and just a little bit too much for some to latch on to. The simple truth of the matter is that Michael Duane Ferrell, the man behind the Elian moniker, is an unparalleled musical visionary. He creates unfathomably rich tapestries of music, that from frequency play through to subtle melodic bursts, just reside on a whole other plain to other artists within the field. Almost five years after the release of 'Whispers, The Silence', 'Harrowgate' takes us even further into the complex world of Elian. Prodigious, undefinable, soulful, intelligent, obscure, profound, subterranean, magnificent, artistic, deep, resplendent, phenomenal, profound, exquisite, minimal, maximal, suggestive, fleeting, ethereal, intangible, timeless...in an age when people apparently 'involved' with music seem to care less about the music itself, when people 'involved' with life seem to care less about the everyday connectivity of life itself, these things matter. That the work of Elian is all these things and more should matter more than the immediacy of everything now; so just stop, ignore all that crap around you, and just listen to something that, if you give it the time it so richly deserves, might just change your life." (label info) CD comes in single recycled card insert placed inside 7" locally cultivated washi cover, including unique vintage slide and photograph
in stock | UK| 2015| HOME NORMAL | 12.90

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