"Occam Ocean, for orchestra, 2015 (52:06) Occam Ocean is a unique project, the result of two years of collaboration between Eliane Radigue, pioneer and emblematic figure of electronic music, and the musicians of ONCEIM (Orchestra of New Musical Creation, Experimentation and Improvisation). In the early 2000's Eliane Radigue gives up her mythical ARP synthesizer to fully dedicate herself to the creation of instrumental pieces. In 2013 when Frédéric Blondy invited her to collaborate with ONCEIM, she had mainly composed pieces for soloists or small ensembles of 2 or 3 musicians. She initially refused to do the piece for orchestra, the work seeming too enormous: but Frédéric insisted, and I thank him for it. The orchestra is the most wonderful of instruments, its richness is unrivalled. ONCEIM directed by Frédéric Blondy with Pierre Cussac, accordion, Jean Dousteyssier, Jean-Brice Godet, Joris Rühl, Julien Pontvianne, Xavier Charles, clarinet, Benjamin Duboc, Fred Marty, Sébastien Beliah, contrabass, Jean Daufresne, Vianney Desplantes, euphonium, Giani Caserotto, Jean-Sébastien Mariage, Richard Comte, guitar, Akino Kamiya, Alvise Sinivia, Antonin Gerbal, percussions, Benjamin Dousteyssier, Bertrand Denzler, Carmen Lefrançois, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, Stéphane Rives, Yoann Durant, saxophones, Alexis Persigan, trombone, Louis Laurain, trumpet, Robin Hayward, tuba, Charlotte Hug, Julia Robert, viola, Patricia Bosshard, violin, Anaïs Moreau, Félicie Bazelaire, cello." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2019| SHIIIN | 19.90

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