"Tamas is a free improvised project, initiated by percussionist Joss Turnbull and trumpeter Pablo Giw. The music is inspired by the arabic word 'tamas', which means contact or touch but in Sanskrit also darkness or illusion. Recordings took place during 10 days of 2010, featuring ney virtuose Mohamad Fityan from Syria as well as moroccan singer Abdelghani Elmassaoudi and german guitarist Matthias Kurth. The album is based on field recordings from two visits to pre-civil war Syria and Lebanon in 2009 and 2010. The dense and complex noises of the cities Damascus and Beirut sound together with early- and pre-islamic poetry sung by Elmassoudi. Accompanied by Matthias Kurths abstract guitar lines, Fityans hissing ney and kawala flutes circle around Turnbulls diverse percussion. On 12 tracks the quintet creates a fragile, melancholic music that convinces by its deep honesty." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| TI-RECORDS | 14.90

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