"The album, initially released on CD and vinyl under the trademark ELOY, is to be followed by a stage version with the title "La Vision, l'Epee et le Buecher" in French performed by an ensemble as a "Spectacle Musical" at suitable locations. Like the recording, there will be no sung dialogues of the kind usually found in musicals or operas. Spoken scenes will be reserved for the actors, while the music will be left to the musical ensemble. The author has a synthesis of theatre and music in mind. With Part 2 of his opus, Frank Bornemann has certainly come closer to his goal of creating a very special work, which is not only musically impressive, but also emotionally profound and moving. It will take the listener and surely, later, as a stage version, the audience on a moving a journey to a fascinating historical event." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2019| MIG-MUSIC GMBH | 24.90

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