"First cdr ever released by Maxime Primault, alias Enfer Boreal, runner of the french label Crier dans les musées! Improvised and recorded at home in Rennes, mid august 2007, using various instruments such as guitar, electronics, turntables, bass, radio, keyboards, voice...Then the multilayered impros have been put together to make two long tracks. Both tracks is around 20 min long, mostly due to chance, no particular meaning or will about it. It has been sent to Jani Hirvonen, known as drone master Uton, who quickly helped to make an Ikuisuus release with the recordings and who made the cover art too. The result is a mix of quiet moments, electronic meditations, drones and dreamlike wave of sounds; ambiance alternating between melancholic darkness and grace of beautiful peace of the mind, with some fire coming up at some points." (label info)
in stock | FI| 2007| IKUISUUS | 4.90

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