"Minnesota based Ensemble Capriccio is well known for its polished performances of many traditional and modern compositions devoted to the string trio. While busy commissioning new works on a regular basis, the group actively presents core repertoire for its audiences as well. This CRI release represents works from composers who have centralized their compositions around a particular theme or idea. Spawning from notions of quantum physics comes John Tartaglia's 'Wave Functions for String Trio' written in 1994. The four vignettes are an example of the connection between science and the harmonious textures of music. An expressive work of abstract beauty, the Trio is performed with clinical precision. Randall Davidson's 'Around Columbia' is a fascinating work reflecting the perceptions of the American experience. Its occasional somber tones are meditative, leading into up-tempo melodies and fragile, drifting harmonies. Skrowaczewski's String Trio commissioned in 1991 by the Ensemble Capriccio, is a traditional, yet demanding work that is obsessed with the interplay of augmented fourths and diminished ninth chords. A friction oriented assault, the Trio is performed with an approach that is unwavering in its interpretation. This is a convincing performance of new works that will add great depth to the genre." (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 2000| COMPOSERS RECORDINGS INC. | 6.90

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