special offer "After much inquiry, a piece of the April 2006 EOH recordings finally sees the light of day. EOH is the famed drinking trio of Simon Taylor, Aaron Coyes, and moi (Robert Mayson). Aside from recording, the three of us spent many an evening hanging around my kitchen, listening to records, eating Japanese curries, getting boozy and stoned. the usual shit. We even managed to tour Sydney before Aaron was forced to return to his home in California. This 20 minute, mind melding, ogre was culled specifically for 3"CDR from over two hours of recordings. Organ, oscillators, circuit-bent instruments, contact microphones, ride cymbals, bass, guitar, piano, floor tom, tape machines, transistor radio..., all recorded in a cavernous hall in the heart of Melbourne. This is a snippet of one of my favorite recording sessions that I've had the privilege working on. EOH is by no means over and there's talk of a reunion of sorts by the end of the year with shows in both the USA and Australia. Here's hoping! Oh, the recording was named after my son Max's imaginary friend." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2006| DIAGNOSIS DON'T | 4.90

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