"Eric Copeland's Alien In A Garbage Dump 12" represents part one of the forthcoming album from the increasingly prolific member of Black Dice. Taking off where his last record, Hermaphrodite, left off, these seven jams are steeped in modern media overload; dense, often fragmented blasts of ideas and sounds, representative of a half hour of prime-time television (or something like that). But rather than contributing to this problem (pissing in the ocean), Eric's black humor teases and criticizes the American stimuli machine in which we all participate; a house of mirrors perspective where all is familiarly skewed, humorous but misleading, disorienting and searching. This is over-loaded, over-processed, over-dosed music that's rooted in the public sounds, but somehow a giant leap from any fashion dominating the public mind. A repeat listener for sure... It's a musical creation from an Earthling to our peers in the Universe." (label info) single copy of this o/p item back in stock, still sealed
in stock | US| 2008| PAW TRACKS | 11.90

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